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Fighting Anxiety at Home (and Why I’ll Win)

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So, Rachel, You’ve Been Quiet Again

I know. I’ve been way too quiet. Two posts in a month isn’t exactly a blogging goal to aspire to. Not only is two posts not a reasonable goal, writing so little also makes me feel embarrassed. I love to write, especially about travel, and know I can do better. I have a Master’s degree in English! I’m a wizard of words!

Anyway. I’m so sorry. A new school year isn’t a grand excuse for not writing either. My schedule and kids are great, and the early mornings haven’t been too soul sucking (yet). I have plenty of time on my hands. Usually I come home, experiment with new Pinterest recipes, go to a local bar with a friend or two, and then watch random stuff on Netflix.

Exciting, huh? I don’t mind life’s quiet moments, at all, but sometimes feel guilty that my time isn’t necessarily productive. My blog could’ve grown so much in these two months. But …

My inspiration has been nonexistent. To be honest, I haven’t felt the urge to write much about travel, which breaks my heart. I love nothing more than hopping on a plane (well… not so much the “plane” part), exploring a new city or country, and meeting incredible people from around the world. Shouldn’t I feel excited to keep sharing my passion? I need to hire a Real Life Muse.

Fighting Anxiety at Home

Time to be a downer. Lately I’ve been uncertain about my life. I feel aimless. Most days seem to blend into each other, work and sleep and food, and sometimes my stomach ties itself into knots, because I can’t help but feel that I’m “wasting my life.” Occasionally,  I wonder if I’m losing the person I once was. And then my mind races. Hello, anxiety, I’ve missed you too. Not.

I don’t think these thoughts are uncommon. We all have moments in our lives when we ask ourselves “what’s the point?” However, this weekend was a bright spot for me. I shut out everything else and spent two afternoons watching “House Hunters International.” Yup, you read that right.

Haha, now I know this show is totally 100% fake. I also know watching Americans complain about small kitchens in their swanky foreign apartments is slightly annoying. But this silly TV show gave me a nudge to log into my blog and think about travel again. It’s a start.

Why I’m Determined to Keep Blogging

Needless to say, all this nonsense hasn’t exactly encouraged me to blog. But that’s gonna change.

My travel blog deserves better than me ignoring it. Soooo much better. This cute pink fluffy website has been my companion through some of the hardest times of my life. Job lay offs, romantic disappointments, long unhappy days at previous schools, bouts of anxiety, and more.

I may not travel AS much, but still. I love sharing my advice, especially helping other folks afflicted with wanderlust. Not traveling every few weeks isn’t an excuse to stop blogging altogether. Most of us aren’t digital nomads.

I also refuse to let my fear of failure stop me. I’m totally gonna win.

How You Can Take Better Care of Yourself

I know a lot of you guys experience anxiety in your daily lives. I sympathize. It sucks. But you deserve to treat yourself with care. Here are some of my own tips.

  1. Quit worrying about pleasing other people. You can’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm. As a teacher, I sometimes feel like I’m expected to sacrifice my own mental health for the sake of others. Not happening. I would turn into a ball of stress and as a result, fail to meet the needs of my students. Remember you can’t help everyone. It’s not your job to fix people, especially if they want to push you away and not help themselves.
  2. Eat well, drink lots of water, and sleep. Basic physical care goes a long way. Stay hydrated. Stay rested. Get a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. Remember your vitamins.
  3. Utilize an understanding source. Not everyone understands anxiety. And that’s fine. However, it’s important to find one person, someone who truly “gets you,” and use them for support if you’re having a rough day.
  4. Enjoy your hobbies. No guilt allowed. Throw yourself into old and new hobbies. At the same time, don’t feel guilty if you want to take an “off” day and do nothing except pamper yourself or stay in bed and watch Stranger Things. When I treat my blog as a hobby, not a BUSINESS THAT MUST BE PERFECT, I’m more relaxed and write articles that I think are more enjoyable for you.

What advice do you have for me? How do you plow through your own insecurities and anxieties? 

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